Friday, March 16, 2007

Sight for the blind!

Years ago (many), I stabbed myself in the eye with a Spanish Bayonet plant. It scratched the back of my cornea, which made my vision a little crappy. A few years later, I had an allergic reaction to something (probably) and a bunch of scar tissue formed around it. Now it's sort of like a foggy windshield; if there's a bright light (even just being outside on a sunny day), then I can't much at all out of it. I went to see a doctor at the Illinois Eye Institute last year sometime and he was like, "Yeah, we can do crappy implants that sometimes work, kind of. Come back in five years."
Well, it may not be five years. According to this article, a Dr. Brandon Ayers at Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia has managed to develop of technique for keratoplasty that gives people replacement corneas that are almost perfect vision. I am totally calling them!

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